Thursday, March 14, 2013

Sick and Tired

No, really, I've been sick for 3 days and sleeping on and off all day.

I'm mentioning this because I have a whole big bomb of stuff to say about what I've been reading on the Catholic internet today. But I'm just too tired.

Of particular interest is the commbox on an entry today at Rorate Caeli, the one where they attempt to stand by their immediate assessment of Pope Francis being anti-traditional Latin mass. Note, this is an entry from today, not yesterday when the pope was elected. Sorry I'm not linking here, but I'm lying in bed with a tablet and don't know how.

Just do it. Go over there and read the commbox. Especially every person who has ever accused me of being wrong when I have said that Internet Trads are not a separate species from Real Life Trads.

Because somebody....real human beings are saying that stuff.

It makes me sad and scared.

Also sick and tired of the same old, same old.


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    Charlotte writes : "Especially every person who has ever accused me of being wrong when I have said that Internet Trads are not a separate species from Real Life Trads."

    Not all that glitters is gold. The surest way I know of to spot a traditionalist at a Motu Proprio or FFSP parish, as opposed to meeting the new comers who want to be Catholic but are missing the nuances is to look for the smokers.

    The same goes for online, those strange creatures calling themselves traditionalist are typically just Jansenist Latin Mass enthusiasts.

  3. It makes me sad, but it doesn't make me scared. I want the TLM to keep growing if people want it, but I also know they are a small, small part of the entire church. Kind of like what I said on a previous post of yours about raising kids in the Catholic bubble...interesting, yes. As influential as they think they are...No.

    Of course, on the internet, these "wars" are all amplified, and of course, only the most extreme feel the need to blog and post on blogs (myself included!), adding to the amplification.

    Most people I know are reacting like normal people..."He sounds like a good man! I love that he took the name Francis!" Sane stuff like that.


  4. Be not afraid. Francis is no wilting flower, he was banished to the hinterlands by the Jesuits when younger for opposing liberation theology, ostracized by the Argentine gov't for boldly speaking out against their "reforms" and look where he is now. In his weakness is God's strength. He's a man who truly knows how to stand true to God, despite the cost. He cares not what the world thinks, only The Lord, he eats with the sinners and tends to the sick in body and soul. He is truly Christ's vicar.

  5. And the mad-trads....he has no problem calling out pharsaical behavior. He just may shine the light of the truth on how they act and send them scurrying, either back onto the barque or off to the shadows, their choice.

  6. Maureen... I had those exact same thoughts! I am very encouraged and hopeful for the Church with Pope Francis. I would love to see the TLM continue to grow, but not the air of superiority, as much as I think it can be the people that attend those. The TLM I used to go to when we were stationed further south had a Priest that would admonish his Parish for the superior air they put on and he'd do it in the Mass, publicly.

    I'm so sorry you're very sick Char. I pray you feel better soon! I lit a candle for your little Academy like you asked. I'll light another for your health.

  7. Maybe you are sick and tired because you are wasting time and energy dwelling on people who upset you (how they upset you, why they upset you, when they upset you...) instead of focusing on what love. I subscribed to this blog because you sometimes have interesting and insightful posts, but I am sick and tired of reading about grumpy trads. Can't you just ignore them like I do and get back to writing about things that actually matter?

  8. John, in this case, I do think it matters the horrific things that were being published within ONE HOUR of the Pope being elected.......horrible, lying, offensive things, and all from Traditionalists. I know casual Catholics who were unfriending people on Facebook the day the pope was elected because secular folks were making jabs. My bringing this to attention is no different. In any case, I refer you to the blog post I wrote after this one.